Network Engineer Vacancy for MNC Manufacturing Plant In Nashik

Network Engineer Vacancy for MNC Manufacturing Plant In Nashik


 Network Engineer Vacancy for MNC Manufacturing Plant In Nashik.

JD for Production infrastructure Network Engineer.

  • Job Purpose:
This position is responsible for Maintaining IT Network Infrastructure and Production Network
Infrastructure for MNC Manufacturing Plant in Nashik (Onsite)
  • Responsibility:
To manage Production IT Network as per global standard, Including technical configuration, trouble
shooting, monitoring to ensure uptime above 99%

1. Uptime maintenance of Production IT network (LAN)
2. Maintenance of Managed Switched with VLAN, Micro VLAN, etc.
3. Anti-virus solution management
4. Inventory management of IT assets
5. IT Hardware maintenance
6. Server room environment maintenance
7. IT consumables management
8. Domain user management
  •  Key Result Areas / Accountabilities:
1. Patch Management
2. Services Monitoring
3. Ensure Uptime of IT Production Network
4. Ensure Uptime if IT hardware PC, Printers, Network devices, etc.
  •  Education, Knowledge/Training, Experience and Skills:
Essential (Minimally Required):
Education : Computer Graduate + CCST
Experience : 2 Years
Knowledge/ Training: Windows Server OS, Window PC OS, Network Protocols
  • Desired Education : Computer Graduate, CCNA Certification
  • Experience : 2 Years+
  • Knowledge/ Training : Windows Server OS, Window PC OS, Network Protocols.

Contact For latest CV with below details

Reference Name : Ganesh Avasthi ( AITS, NASHIK )
Total Experience:
Current CTC:
Expected CTC:
Notice Period:
Relocation to Nashik:


Ganesh K Avasthi
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